13 Creepy YouTube Videos That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel (2023)

Are you one of those people who love to be scared, but in a not-so-real way? There's nothing quite like the thrill of watching a spooky video. And YouTube has plenty of them that are short, free, and will completely satisfy your adrenaline cravings.

Also, it's better to watch YouTube than to spend a ton of money to see the latest horror movie with your fingers on the big screen.


17 Spooky Creepypastas Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night

In the spirit of Halloween, we've explored the spookiest corners of YouTube to round up some of the spookiest videos and web series. See for yourself or maybe with a friend or two. It can give you nightmares for days.

1. Marble wasps

marble hornets(Opens in a new window)is a YouTube series based on theskinny manmito/creepy noodles. The story follows Troy Wagner, a young man who tries to solve the mystery of his friend Alex Kralie's disappearance after Kralie abruptly ended a film they were working on.

The series began in 2010 and many of the early entries feature sightings of "The Operator," a creature that bears an uncanny resemblance to Slender Man. Things only get scarier as Wagner delves further into his friend's past.

The series ended in 2014, but there are 87 main entries to enjoy if you're in the mood to get really scared.

2. tag vier.wmv

This video is part ofben drownedcreepy noodles(Opens in a new window)by YoutuberAlex Hall.(Opens in a new window)As the story goes, a boy named Matt unknowingly takes an enchanted copy ofA Legend of Zelda: Majoras Maske,and discovers that it is full of terrible bugs.

An in-game statue representing the malevolent spirit on the cartridge follows the player when Matt starts the game. The ghost goes by the name "BEN" and eventually causes Matt to lose his mind as the hauntings and glitches get worse with each game launch.

Videos of the spooky gameplay were uploaded to Matt's (now Alex) channel to add another layer to the creepypasta lettering. Give it a try if you're brave enough.

3. Bury fights alive

This video is based onun Creepypasta(Opens in a new window)which stated that in the original Pokémon games there was an unused model that can only be discovered through a series of stages. The model in question was a zombie-like character named "BURIEDALIVE" who fought the player atop the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town.

The video is a recording of the alleged fight. If the player loses the fight, the screen will show an image of the zombie creature chewing on the player. Don't worry, Nintendo would never code something that scary into a child's game, so it's all fake.

4. Username666

This chilling video is also based on oneCreepypasta rumor(Opens in a new window)which said there was a haunted YouTube channel that could be accessed by typing "youtube.com/666" in the address bar. An error screen appears stating that the user "does not exist".

However, according to the caption and this video, if you refresh the page multiple times, the link actually works. After accepting a popup asking if you'd like to view the page, you'll be taken to a gruesome channel filled with lots of blood red images and spooky hands crawling across your screen.

If you decide to watch the video, get ready for the scare at the end!

5. I feel fantastic

This is Tara. It was apparently built by a man namedJuan Bergeron(Opens in a new window), who was on a mission to build the world's first pop star android.

Except that Tara is really creepy. A YouTube user namedcreepy blog(Opens in a new window)He uploaded a video of the droid oddly singing "I feel fantastic hey hey hey" and "run." It's safe to say she won't be making it in the industry any time soon.

There are many theories about Tara, the most popular being that Tara's creatorhe was a murderer(Opens in a new window), and Tara wore her victim's clothes. Of course, it's much more likely that this Android was just a scrapped project that continues to haunt us.

6. Any videos from Blaitonjorge

blamitongeorge(Opens in a new window)is a YouTuber who talks about all things spooky on the internet. Many of his videos focus onConspiracy theories,(Opens in a new window) spooky rituals,(Opens in a new window)milost episodes(Opens in a new window)Cartoon for children.

The video above covers some really weird and confusing outages that have been happening across the country over the last few decades. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

7. Hypno's Lullaby

This video is based on a Pokémon/Creepypasta theory that portrays Hypno, a dream-eating Pokémon, as a captor. The theory comesHypno Pokédex entry(Opens in a new window), which reads, "There was an incident where a hypnotized child was taken away."

Out of this came this terrifying song about Pokemon that lures kids away from their parents to party in their dreams. The vocals are terrible but the lyrics will give you goosebumps.

8. Lights off


This short horror film captures the feeling of not being home alone at night. I hope none of us have to face the creature this lady faces at the end...

9. Video of the lost in the Paris catacombs

This chilling footage has been featured in several documentaries including oneFamily of AlphabetsEspecially for Halloween(Opens in a new window)AnParis catacombs(Opens in a new window)- which aired in the early 2000s.

A popular tourist attraction in France, the Catacombs contain dozens of tunnels full of human bones that are easy to get lost in if not careful. The images in this video are said to be from a camera dropped by a man in the catacombs in the 1990s; It was later supposedly discovered by a group of people exploring the tombs.

It's really chilling to think about why exactly this guy was running around in a panic.

10. Fingersalat

Beclassic series(Opens in a new window)It was very popular for its mind-boggling animation, spooky post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and creepy main character "Salad Fingers". In the opening episode, Salad Fingers is looking for the perfect spoon to rub his fingers together and feel some kind of pleasure.

11. Senhorita Shaye St.John

This creepy relic from the early days of YouTube keeps making me squirm in my seat. MeetSenhorita Shaye St. John(Opens in a new window)- a former actress who was made from mannequin parts following a serious accident after being disfigured - who has appeared in several videos uploaded by surrealist artist Eric Fournier.

In the video, Miss Shaye makes strange hand movements while pronouncing strange syllables. Another humanoid mannequin enters the room and pressures Ms. Shaye to teach them how to "hand" them, and the two continue banging their cane hands.

A shiver is guaranteed to run down your spine.

12. Don't hug me, I'm scared

What begins as an educational children's song develops into its own nightmare factory. In the video, three dolls learn what it means to be "creative" with a talking notepad. But the three get a lot more than they bargained for when the video switches to a surreal scene filled with blood and guts.

Just remember that "green is not a creative color" and you should check out this video...hopefully.

13. Chill with the Sweeties

This weird YouTube video is from a public access TV show from the 90's called"Relax with the cuties."(Opens in a new window)In accordance withlost media wiki,(Opens in a new window)A couple named Gus and Emma Schlishki were the masterminds behind the petrifying spectacle.

In the video, a couple wearing green and yellow ski masks and glasses with painted eyes read together. The husband (with a green mask) leafs through a book with suggestive pictures of women. The scene then switches to another woman in a yellow ski mask talking about her day in a weird accent while screaming "ooooh" between sentences.

What the video lacks in creepiness it more than makes up for in creepiness. No one seems to know what happened to The Sweeties after the show abruptly went off air. I'm sure we all agree with that.

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