Feldtest: Teknetics Gamma 6000 review (2023)

Feldtest: Teknetics Gamma 6000 review (1)

Teknetics Gamma 6000

My name is Mike Bearden and I live in North Alabama. I have been a metal detector since 1969.

I have used almost every brand of metal detector offered to the public over the past 30 years and really enjoy metal detecting and field testing different product lines.

Kellyco sent the newTeknetics Gamma 6000so I can see how things are in my area, which is heavily saturated with iron ore and red clay.

I live in the iron ore belt, which stretches 150 miles north of my home and below Birmingham, Alabama.

This solo has proven very difficult for MANY of the high-end detectors I've tested here over the years to master.

Feldtest: Teknetics Gamma 6000 review (2)

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iron ore

Just to give you an idea, those gold/red rocks in the picture are iron ore commonly found in my backyard and surrounding counties. This place is full of them and if you drag a store magnet across the floor these stones really stick like metal. It is found on the surface and as deep as one is willing to dig.

After receiving theTeknetics Gamma 6000I opened the box, flipped through the 24-page manual, put it together, installed the battery, turned it on, and familiarized myself with all the settings.

try one of theseTeknetics Gamma 6000

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indian head coin

My backyard, 7 acres and already heavily hunted with many detectors.Teknetics Gamma 6000he never had a chance to prove himself.

I hit the power button and the Gamma sprang to life, but it couldn't balance with the heavy ice on the ground. However, manual ground reconciliation was quick and easy to perform.

I chose four tones instead of the default three because I like to hear as much difference between targets as the detector allows.

Overall sound quality is very good and the adjustable volume is extremely loud when maxed out when using real metal detecting headphones. However, achieving this requires a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter, unless you have a high-end set of 1/8" plug-sensing adapters around your headphones.


Of course, the first thing I noticed wearing gloves in cold weather was the close proximity between the rubber clips on the control box. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally hit the OFF button while trying to locate a target, no problem without gloves.

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Lower end of the nickel scale

There's an old saying in the sensing world that goes, "You can never have it all." ;And that was the case in my own backyard, beaten to death by every detector I tried here. The first area I searched for was under a large oak tree and soon Gamma began to sing a medium/high pitch marking the depth indicator. I found a fat Indian head penny tucked under a root about 5" or 6" deep. In the second photo, can you see that the green coin is partially sticking out just below the root? If not, look at the shovel below.

I also got a nickel 2' from the IH under the oak. It was a good 7 inches lower and came in at 55 on the gauge reading, 55 being the low end of the nickel scale.

exam two

Guntersville Lake Park; This was NOT the first time the 55 cent sign had appeared on the display and it was ALMOST always a penny, but some readings went as high as 59 on the dial and it was always a tin can, crumpled tin foil, or trash. Typical waste values ​​are shown on the nickel scale below.

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1963 dime and a quarter

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Beneath the trees closer to the lake the Gamma screamed loudly and I noticed the depth gauge read only 4 inches. I pressed just the right button and felt like I was practically at the surface, but when the 1963 silver coin was retrieved, it was actually 4 inches deep! So this is a very easy to use and very accurate detector.

Here is a quarter that hit the meter 100% correctly, 4″ deep, and with the correct high pitch found in the wood chips in the total lot.

In fact, I found so many targets on the playground and under the trees that I had to empty my pockets after 40 minutes of hunting.

fact found

Key ring, toe ring, fishing weights, lots of pennies, nickels, dimes, a few pennies, an inexpensive money clip, a sterling silver bracelet, two coat buttons, jewelry, three model cars, a religious medal , two aluminum rivets and some "what is that".

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fact found

I thoroughly tested the notch features and was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. I cut each section separately, then used various notch combinations and slid very little in the indicated areas, except for a few pieces of aluminum foil, large irons, broken tabs, and aluminum trash cans. As far as I'm concerned, it can happen with ANY detector!

Note that if the coil is swept a few more times at different angles over a questionable and useless target, Gamma will mostly change its mind and indicate that junk is present.

Teknetics claims 20-25 hours of detection time on a 9 volt battery. I used a good quality battery for testing and the battery indicator never dropped below the maximum level after about 12 hours of detection.


The 8-inch coil seems to cover enough ground for casual hunting, but I like a larger coil when relic hunting and prefer a DD design for my heavily mineralized ground, but it can work great in moderate to neutral ground.

With the low frequency of 7.8kHz, I really expected the coil to perform much better than on my warm floor, but I know from experience that a DD coil would be the best option for me, so I can't use the detector to complain. I also expected better target separation results in areas of concentrated targets, but this coil didn't seem to separate as well when two or more targets were closer than 8 inches together.

I'm also not a big fan of 1/8" headphone jacks, when using a 1/4" adapter to convert my metal detecting headphones the weight of the heavy duty cable wanted to separate the plug from the control box, so which forced me to look for cheaper ones to use headphones.

With only two pounds. This little gem is a true featherweight and appears to be well built for the most part. I never felt any kind of brittle bulge or twist in my wrist when handling the Gamma; For someone like me with big hands, the rubber knobs on the control box are too close together to operate with gloves. The buttons are very touch sensitive and it's a bit easy to hit the ON/OFF button when you're trying to use the dot and suddenly lose your settings. Gamma does not retain its settings when turned off, it is simply reset to factory defaults.

After thawing the ground, I was able to get Gamma to correctly and automatically level the ground using the "Quick Grip" in the park and compared it to the "Manual" ground leveling method. He was right. I usually get terrain stats ranging from a low of 70 to a low of 92 to 94, so this suits my area.

Running gamma in "All Metal" mode was too much for my ears in the park, but I think it worked well on my lot where the targets were more spread out and didn't seem to mind increasing the sensitivity at further depth. Even in that smut hot in all-metal mode, it ran smoothly up to 98% full sensitivity. The large digital number display is also a big plus for me, I never had to put on my reading glasses to confirm what I was seeing on the screen.

I realized one thingTeknetics Gamma 6000in discriminated mode is that it seems to have a lot of power in reserve in the sensitivity department and can easily overpower the background if too much sensitivity is used. It quickly becomes unpredictable with mixed audible noises and on-screen number jumps, just a quick jerk or two on the sensitivity dial and it's purring like a kitten again.

After just two days of testing Gamma, I think it's pretty impressive overall. Please note that this test was conducted on heavily mineralized ground with iron ore present, so my opinion is exactly that, my opinion. To be fair, it takes many more hours in the field to find the true strengths and weaknesses of a metal detector.

would recommend the newTeknetics Gamma 6000? ABSOLUTELY! It's easy to use and works very well compared to others in its price range!


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