No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (2023)

No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (1)

No Man's Sky Waypoint also has several duplication errors that can be fixed with the Portable Refiner. The portable refiner is generally used to refine exquisite materials, but you can also use it to duplicate material. There are many valuable materials in No Man's Sky Waypoint that are worth your time, and you can duplicate them with a simple trick.

In this guide, we will show you the 2 best duplication errors in No Man's Sky Waypoint.

Duplicate Starship AI Valves

Starship AI valves are one of the most valuable items in the game. In the previous version the price was around 50 million and now in update 4.0 they softened and now the price is 12 million but it still has its value. To bend the Starship's AI Valves, you need to eliminate a total of three Portable Metallized and Oxygen Refiners. Place the first portable refiner and place the Starship AI valves in the refiner. After that you need to place the next two refiners on either side of the first refiner. But you have to place them in a certain place. You should position the left refiner slightly inside the first refiner to a point where the right side of the orange band meets the left orange band of the first refiner. Now check the left refiner to see if the Starship AI Valves have been moved to that refiner. If you place another refiner to the right of the first refiner in exactly the same position. Once you get all three refineries in the right direction, you can get two additional artificial intelligence valves.

Indian Activated Duplicate

Activated Indian is worth about 1 million per stack in the 4.0 update and to double this material you will need a lot of space in your inventory as you can double as long as you manage to keep the Portable Refiner in your inventory. You will use the entire portable refiner to transport it to each individual refiner and then collect it from the refiners. You need to stand in one position and place the refiner, then place the activated indum on the refiner, and then individually place all the refiners you have in your inventory in the exact same spot. After placing all refineries, start collecting refineries one at a time. You get activated indium with each selected refinery.

No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (2)

You can duplicate any material from these refiner methods. If you want to duplicate another material, simply place the material in the refiner and use the three refiner method or a refiner stack method to duplicate the material.

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No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (3)

(Video) 3 BEST DUPLICATION GLITCHES In No Man's Sky UPDATE 4.0 Waypoint

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No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (10)


4 minutes ago


December 13, 2022

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No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (11)

High on Life is a first-person story mode game in which the earth is attacked by aliens and the player along with his entire house is teleported to an alien city called "Blim City". The player will find a talking gun named "Kenny", which leads him to look for the bounty hunter named Gene Zaroothian who can fight the aliens and save mankind.

(Video) NMS 4.0 Waypoint, Duplicate Installed Modules Glitch.

In this guide, we'll show you where to find bounty hunter Gene Zaroothian in High on Life.

Pesquisar Gene Zarootian

Once players get past the firefight on Earth and reach the town of Blim, they begin their search for Gene Zaroothian, who turns out to be a bounty hunter. Kenny will tell us to take a walk around the town of Blim and see if anyone knows the whereabouts of Gene Zaroothian. In the beginning, he leaves the house and goes downtown to ask people (aliens) about the whereabouts of Gene Zarootian.

All you have to do is stand in front of the crowd and Kenny will speak. The first people you ask won't know the bounty hunter's whereabouts. You won't want to leave the house, as Bounty Hunter is right in the middle of it. So stay in this area and ask the people who are walking in front of them. Ask outside the shops opposite your house and an alien will tell you they saw you sleeping on the bench.

There will be an ad for Gene Zaroothian above the shops and when you are in front of the ad, Gene Zaroothian will be on a bench which is on a small bridge in front of his house. To find it easily, just walk straight from the sign and turn left onto the bridge. You'll see a three-eyed purple alien sleeping on a bench. Kenny will automatically interrupt his dream and find out that the famous bounty hunter is now homeless and ready to help him if he changes his house.

No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (12)

After the conversation, Gene Zaroothian will give you his bounty hunter outfit and move into his house.

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No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (13)


6 hours ago


December 13, 2022

For the


No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (14)

High on Life has several alien bosses that players must defeat before reaching the final boss fight to free humanity. The first main boss is a local slum gangster called "9-Torg". Players must go to the slums to kill 9-Torg.

In this guide, we will show you how to beat 9-Torg in High on Life.

9-Torg Location

Once players reach the slums, they must obtain Knifey from vendors in the slums. Players have to cross the river from the slums by going down the bridge. Kill the enemies on the way and they'll reach a shop. Go to the shop to find Knifey and kill the merchants. Players must use Knifey's Tether ability to latch onto metal or bugs to get out of the shop. Follow the path to the shop and take the zip line using the Tether skill to reach Sludgewerks Docks, 9-Torg's hideout.

Kill all the enemies and go upstairs to go through the door and find 9-Torg and the boss fight will begin.

Defeat 9-Torg

9 Torg is an alien bug like other enemies in the slums, but uses a weapon like a crab claw. The combat area will just be a ramp surrounded by mud with just a few wooden crates that can serve as cover. At first, he fires three shots from his gun at a time. You can easily avoid it by running. You just need to keep shooting him and use Glob Shot to deal extra damage. When you've lowered his HP by about a quarter, he'll dive into the mud and start jumping around in the mud.

He will fire a green laser from his weapon in all directions, so the only way to completely avoid him is to stay behind the wooden crates. The boxes will break when the laser hits the box, so shoot it when it comes out of the mud and hide behind the boxes. After that, he will start filling the battlefield with mud, causing the ramp to sink into the mud. You'll have to use Knifey's Tether ability on the bugs to keep them in the air. Just spam the skill until the ramp goes back up. You have to repeat the same process again and she will do it again. Just keep shooting them and use the Glob Shots to quickly drain their health.

When all of her HP is depleted, she freezes and fires a thick pink laser from her weapon. You cannot avoid it by standing on the ramp as it rotates while firing the laser. You need to use the tether skill to stay in the air, and when you stop, you'll explode and die. You have to get her DNA sample when she's dead and then you can go back to Gene.

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(Video) No Mans Sky Quicksilver Glitch Fix. Waypoint 4.0 Update.


No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (15)


6 hours ago


December 13, 2022

For the


(Video) No Man's Sky Waypoint 4.06 Duplicating Spawning Sacs Using Personal Refiner Multiplayer Glitch NMS

No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (16)

High on Life is a first person story mode game where the earth has been attacked by aliens and our player finds a talking gun that will help teleport our player's home to an alien city on another planet. You will be looking for bounties player to defeat the aliens and save humanity. You will find a bounty player named "Gene Zaroothian" who will tell us to kill 9-Torg and find his knife.

In this guide, we'll tell you where to find Gene's knife in High on Life.

Find Gene's Knife (Knifey)

After meeting Gene Zaroothian in a strange town, he will move into our house and give you the bounty hunter outfit. You must speak to him at home and he will give you the information about our first reward. He will tell us to kill the boss of the local gangster named "9-Torg" and find his knife on the way.

9-Torg is a local gangster from a place known as the Slums and we have to get to the slums to find 9-Torg. Your bounty hunter suit has an information scanner that shows the current target's waypoint. Press the up button of the directional buttons on the controller to display the waypoint. Walk directly from the house to the center. Continue forward and you'll find Slums Gateway on the left. You have to talk to the aliens at the gate and choose which alien is much more attractive. Blue or red. Choose one of them. We chose Azul and he opened the door on his side for us to go to the favela.

No Man's Sky Waypoint: Improved duplication bugs (update 4.0) (17)

Enter the tube to reach the slums. You have to fight some enemies in the slums before reaching the knife location. Defeat enemies and talk to fishermen in the slums. Ask him about 9-Torg and he'll tell you a secret path. The talking gun will ask you to use another skill called "Glob Shot" by pressing the RB button. The Glob Shot lowers the parts of the bridge that take you to the other side.

Use the Glob Shot again on the enemies on the other side to approach a platform. Jump onto the platform and then jump forward. Go left and jump on the platforms to reach the other side. Kill the enemies and go up the ramp to enter a shop. As you approach the shop's wooden door, you'll hear some voices.

Approach the door and your character will knock on the door and Kenny (The Talking Gun) will tell the enemies inside that they are here to buy the knife. The door will open and two enemies will show you the talking knife, if you take the knife you will have a chance to stab the enemies with the knife. Press RS button to stab with Knifey. After that, players can progress to find 9-Torg.

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