Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (2023)

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (1)

I amNo man of manOxygen seems to be everywhere until it seems expressly. As almost all the features in this game always look scarce in this game when they need it more.

Fortunately, there are several ways to cultivate oxygen in the game, although some are more effective than others. So this is the most complete guideline for agricultural oxygen without the most required introductory boyNo man of manYou will never find it.

Oh, a little thing before the beginning. This guide is updated from the Prism update in June 2021.

Why do you use oxygen inNo man of man?

Oxygen is one of the most basic but most important features in the game. If you illuminate the lightNo man of manFor the first time, you will quickly find out that you need life support: if oxygen is over, your character will die. You can fill this by selecting your life support module in your exosuit (I tend to move my life to support the module toone of the technological slots of my costume).

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Once you do this, a menu is displayed in which you are displayed what features you can produce to fill it. You can use oxygen, life maintenance or dioxite gel to support life. Oxygen is the easiest to buy.

You also need oxygen to discover certain items. Portable refining requires, for example, 30 oxygen for construction.e to talk about refineries ...

Oxygen is a large catalyst in refineries.

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If you are a sophisticated addict, you can use oxygen to duplicateNo man of manRun in the background while studying or watching a program or what you have). In fact, I do it as I write this article.

If you reach cobalt in a refinery, cobalt has been ionized in part of 2: 1. This means that all two cobalt become an ionized cobalt.50 cobalt becomes 25 ionized cobalt.

However, if you add this to oxygen (this requires a medium or large refiner), you can now produce an ionized cobalt speed of 2: 5.50 cobalt, which I mentioned earlier 125 ionized cobalt.

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If you want, you can now refine it at a speed of 1: 2 in cobalt, which means that 125 ionized cobalt from the previous paragraph becomes 250 cobalt.Yes, they were simply 50 cobalt and 50 oxygen in 250 cobalt, whichIt could, could rotate 50 cobalt and 50 oxygen, which could later convert to 625 ionized cobalt if you add 250 oxygen to more oxygen. However, if you simply want to convert ionized cobalt without cobalt interruptions, you can do this at a speed1: 6 (and 2: 6 oxygen), which means that you are multiplying the cobalt by six.For that 125 ionized cobalt can become 750 ionized cobalt when adding 250 oxygen. In then, you can convert it to 4.500Cobalt with 1,500 oxygen.

Then they converted to 4,500 ionized cobalt with 1,800 oxygen 50 cobalt. This battery is worth approximately 1.8 million units, and the initial cobalt battery is less than 10,000 units (these numbers are approaches because the exact cobalt value isionized from one system to another.


This also works for salt that can be refined in chlorine. It also works for sodium nitrate sodium, but relationships are slightly different.

Since these are relatively valuable minerals, you can basically create large amounts of things and then sell millions of units. No, it's not the fastest way to cultivate units, but it's very fast and is mainly passive (as long as it has been registered with yourRefigress every five minutes.

This is how this double refinement is thatSeriousMakes oxygen a valuable resource (and this is not a mistake or exploration; this is a valid and legal opportunity to create resources in resource creationNo man of man).

So we see many different ways of cultivating oxygenNo man of man, slower to faster.

Plant Oxygen Harvest

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Oxygen systems (whichFans of the old school can remember, like Thamium999) grows virtually every planets inNo man of manThey are particularly easy to recognize because they shine in red.

This is not a super fast to cultivate oxygen, but it is more or less the specified method. So you get most of your oxygen in your early hours.

Aggressive oxygen harvest of flora

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Oxygen may not only start from small indefal oxygen plants (or Thamium9), but it can also cultivate it with aggressive flora. If a plant adapts to Venus as a fall, toxic gas is moved and released or tries to whip it, it is granted to you oxygen if you kill him with a mining laser.

These plant types are usually a little more common than standard intersectal plants, but this is not much faster to cultivate oxygen if you need more than a few hundred.

Buy Oxygen in Space Stations

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You can buy oxygen in small quantities in any space station. If you burn units and have difficulties, this can be a decent way to collect a handful (usually about 180 or less). If you get away from the sales terminal, oxygenIn the store it will be replaced over time so it is reliably.

This is enough to help you with the maintenance of life and elaborate refineries, but it is not a practical method of agricultural delay. This is more for emergencies than for real agriculture.

Oxygen from the farm on the exotic planet using an atmosphere of harvesting

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If you can create atmosphere -You can collect passively oxygen with you. This is very slow, but as soon as your atmosphere is configured in harvester, you can sit and wait. You can accelerate the process by creating as many of them as possible and thenJust do a sandwich or something. When you return, you should expect a decent amount of oxygen.

(Video) No Man's Sky Survival Tip #1 Oxygen & where to find it.

Note that different biomes contain different types of gas in its atmosphere, which means that gas varies according to an atmosphere after the biome. Exotic Planets, they are really rare: planets and synthetic bubbles and planets andMechanical mushroom planetsE Tal.

In fact, you can know if a space planet is exotic and analyzes available resources. If a planet is one of the six main biomes, it contains parafin (lush), pyrite (desert), ammonia (poisonous), uranium (radiated), dioxia (frozen) or phosphorus (overloaded). If a planet has one of these six features, he can exceed him on his list.

In addition, the dead planets have no atmosphere, so they cannot be harvested. A dead draw for a dead planet is that it has rusty metal as a resource.

Now,Red stars seem to be the most likely systems for exotic planetsBut not yet all red stars have an exotic planet.

Note that the planetary category is exotic and that the description you will see "fragmented".

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Before you start the spoon, you should unlock the plan for atmospheric harvest. This requires you to do itThe research line of the scientific terminalWhich can take a long time. This is part of the larger basic construction line, and the rewards are always very good. These are many missions that I try with all the characters, because they end up with many free aircraft in this way.

As soon as you activated the atmospheric harvest plan, you must prepare it. It should be under your portable technology (same menu you can find your portable refiner) and necessary: Required:

  • 100 ammonia
  • 2 Metallfurnier
  • 2 hermetic selo

Once you found an exotic planet and created an atmospheric harvest, you should add fuel. You can use carbon or condense carbon.

Atmospheric collectors harvest oxygen at a speed of about 10 seconds. Oxygen 250 at the same time, so you should empty occasionally if you want to keep them in the company.

Oxygen from the farm in almost every planets with an oxygen harvest

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In addition to the Harvester atmosphere, some intruders have access to oxygen harvestonlyHarvest and oxygen.

It looks useful, right?

You will unlock the plan for thisThe search line of the basic computer file of the computerThis is a secondary research that should be automatically displayed as soon as you spoke to Artemis for the first time as part of the main research by the stars. This is great, very early in history, so it is not difficult to start researching.Basic computer files, and all have cooling (some of which are quite long). All the current can take a long time.

If you can get the oxygen harvest, it allows you to expand the room for an damn exotic planet.

(Video) How to get FREE resources in No Man’s Sky - Guide

Oxygen harvest from a gas access point with a gas extractor

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (11)

This is an appropriate way to get a regular oxygen supply as soon as it has set everything. It's just better as in the harvest. However, if you think it's really a gigantic pain on your back. It's no joke.But as soon as everything works, the gas extractor is a great passive way of cultivating oxygen.

First, you need to buy some aircraft you can do on the nexus. Ligure for the anomaly of the room and then approach. Now you have to find itConstruction Research StationWhere you can buy design plans in exchange for restored data. It's hard to describe the exact location, but it's on the back of the nexus, and it seems like this:

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (12)

The plans you need are in the Industrial Modules submenu and are:

  • Gas extraction
  • Offer deposit
  • Supply tube
Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (13)

You also want at least one power generator. You choose the combination of solar collectors and batteries, because as soon as it is configured correctly, it always generates energy for you, no maintenance or fuel is required.

Oh, and almost forget ... You have to have itSearch device module for various toolsand should be installed. The plans for these in iterations -and the dealer of various tools) can be purchased on the nexus. EOS must be in the same room as the construction research station, more or less by the circle from which it was purchased, plans the deduction of the gas and all this.

As soon as you bought these aircraft and installed your search, you need to find a small search. You are looking for a gas access point and not so common. To start your search, tap a planet and mention your scanner. If the deviceSurvey is installed, you can press the left and right in the D-Pad to travel through the scan modes. The way you are active is the mode of gas lifting.

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (14)

If you are lucky, you will receive an access point immediately.

Remember that this can be a gas. If you look great, it should be super happy this time.

If you can finally be able to find an oxygen access point, you can configure your gas extractor. You will configure the length of the tube length. In reality, you can put the supply far from the gas extract, but you need to create your network ofpipe tubes. A single compilation. If you leave the building menu for any reason, you will define the tube and cannot connect a new tube section with an old. You need to remove the tube and start again.

Every chain supply deposit adds the storage capacity and quickly adds. I only built two supply deposits for my oxygen network, and that was my storage capacity at 2,250.

Well, what makes it a very effective farm is that the process continues when you are connected to the game or not. So you can literally do this while sleeping while the game is closed. Ten -hour oxygen and gold.

(Video) No Man Sky VR (Worlds Largest Oxygen Farm)

Make oxygen in a sophisticated algae bag

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (15)

If everything else fails, you can do your own oxygen. The main component in this pot of oxygen is the bag of bag. These can be found in subacket biomes and are usually very easy to find on top.

However, maritime cannot be cultivated; you have to find them in nature.

The amount of oxygen it produces depends on what it adds. For itself, the Seang bag in oxygen is refined at a speed of 1: 1.

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (16)

However, if you add condensed carbon, you will get a 1: 2 ratio (ie 1 kélp + 1 condensed carbon = 2 oxygen).

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (17)

For real payment, however, you would like to add a crystal frost at 1:10 (ie 1 kélp + 1 condensed carbon + 1 frost crystal = 10 oxygen).

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (18)

Note that you can use one of the six types of biome plants instead of crystal frost. The list is:

  • Meat cactus (desert biome)
  • Crystal de Frisha (Icy Bioma)
  • Mushroom form (poisonous biom)
  • GAMMA ROICE (Expired Bio)
  • Solanium (overheated biome)
  • Sternbirne (Bioma Lush)

I just agreed with Frost Crystal because I always have a lot. It is the fastest growth of all these plants. Therefore, if you want to configure a cultivation room with some hydroponic tablets, especially for this purpose, crystal frost on other typesof plants.

Oxygen vest as a secondary element

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (19)

Sometimes oxygen can be a secondary element in rocks or flora.

If you find a planet that really has oxygen as a secondary element, it can take a long time because it is completely accidental. However, if you have found one, you may want to configure a base there to be able to return if you want to cultivate oxygen.

To do this quickly, use an exocrat with a mining laser. This not only decreases its mining period, but also increases the amount of resources that collect a knot (although this may be a mistake).My options are Minotaur and theNautilus.

(Video) Locate Oxygen to Construct Portable Refiner ~ NMS No Man's Sky Xbox Walkthrough

And if they reallySeriousYou want to accelerate this, make sure you can find a underwater biome that has oxygen as a secondary element. Toged together and also refined in oxygen.

Sky Guide No Man: How to entertain oxygen (20)

This makes this the fastest way to cultivate oxygenNo man of manI know and have hundreds of hours of play. If there is a type of faster oxygen growth (no exploit) (I really don't think), let me know in the comments, because I definitely want to add this list.


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