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The best of DC 2019

The bar and the people (1)


The bar and the people (2)

—Washington City Paper

The Pub & The People Has A Festive Dog Tent With Spiked Cider

The bar and the people (3)

The Deal: Bloomingdale Gastropub just opened a heated holiday tent for dogs with hot cocktails served in winter mugs, cozy blankets and music.
Wo: 1648 N. Capitol Street NW
Dates: open happy hour through dinner through mid-March
Cost: Hot and cold cocktails ($8-12) include Irish Coffee and "Snow Pants Combo" with oat beer and a dash of bourbon cream.

The bar and the people (4)

– Tierney Plumb

The best bar in the neighborhood

The bar and the people (5)

Readers' Choice for Best Neighborhood Bar 2018

25 Best Places in Washington, DC So Far

The bar and the people (6)

Washington D.C. is known for its globally inspired culinary scene, influenced by its diverse political workforce and large number of international embassies. It's home to one of the hottest food scenes in the country, attracting award-winning and Michelin-starred chefs from around the world to embark on new culinary endeavors in a variety of cuisines. Many of its restaurants are known for their cozy atmosphere, making them popular places for first dates and anniversaries. These restaurants offer creative decor, sophisticated menus and an extensive wine and cocktail list, many of which serve small plates for sharing or specials for dinner for two.

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The Best Veggie Burgers in Washington

The bar and the people (7)

This Bloomingdale bar offers an incredibly delicious sumach and chickpea fried burger with pickled cucumbers and red onions and a side of cumin and cilantro fries. However, for a vegetarian version of the cheesy goodness of the burger joint, it's hard to beat the Spiced Black Bean and Rice Burger, a version good enough to convert even a carnivore. The rice and beans create a sweet and savory flavor and texture that stays soft even after roasting. Everything is topped with aioli and soy topping, a thick slice of Monterey Jack cheese, and kale to keep things green.

—Maura Judkis, Becky Krystal, Harrison Smith, Lavanya Ramanathan

The 11 Most Enthusiastic Light Smokers in D.C.

The bar and the people (8)

Head to this Bloomingdale gastropub after the kitchens close to try the Half-Smoke Kolache, a Republic Kolache specialty stuffed with chopped sausage, jalapeno and cheese that's on the nightly menu. Portable goodies will be on sale for $5 each until closing.

–Erin Williams

You Won't Believe What's Inside The Pub & The People's Basement

The bar and the people (9)

Bar basements can be dank, spooky places, full of dusty bottles, secrets and ghosts. But if you head downstairs to the underworld of Bloomingdale's The Pub & The People, you'll find a small room filled with vibrant white lights and every shade of green from a Sherwin Williams catalogue. Admit it, you thought this was a 4/20 story about some pretty weed underground. Is not. What you'll actually find are bowls of ground-grown microgreens, small versions of vegetables and herbs, including mustard greens, pea sprouts, beets, Thai basil, sorrel and arugula.

– Laura Hayes

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Date Lab: Shared philosophies, but what about chemistry?

The bar and the people (10)

Bekah Eichelberger, 23, a nonprofit theater manager, says she's been open to trying something new since her last serious relationship ended. Anna Kark, 24, an international development officer, is polyamorous. The couple share an interest in Marxist theory, activism and Shakespeare. We sent them to Pub & the People in Bloomingdale to see if they could start their own collective.

— Interviews by Michele Langevine Leiby

This brunch is grown in the restaurant's basement.

The bar and the people (11)

It takes passion, dedication and innovation to start a business, but there is always a healthy dose of risk. The creation of this urban microfarm and its dedicated partner, a sustainability-oriented pub/restaurant, involved nothing less. When Mary Ackley decided to follow her passion for getting her hands dirty, she founded Little Wild Things Farm. But he also wanted to show that locally sourced organic produce can be stylish, delicious and a profitable business model, especially in an urban environment like Washington, D.C.

– Aishwarya Kavi and Annabel Epstein

The 26 Best DC Winter Date Ideas That Aren't Just Drinks

The bar and the people (12)

Choosing a fun and original date activity is hard enough without worrying about the arctic cold of winter. We also know that it can be extremely tempting to just switch off completely and stay in bed watching TV all day, or go for the simple take out option to suggest casual drinks. Despite the cold conditions, Washington, DC is full of unique and enticing dating options that both of you will enjoy. Here are the best ways for you and your date to stay warm together.

— Respect the Somvichi Clause

The bar and the people

The bar and the people (13)

(Video) The Bar Fight in People Playground

You know those mornings when you can't decide whether to get up to eat or stay in bed all day? That was me last Sunday. After a wild brunch at the Saturday party at The Manor the day before, I just couldn't bring myself to show myself in public. But after perusing the brunch menu at The Pub and the People, my growling stomach triumphed over my laziness.

The bar and the people (14)

– Annie

The best new bars in D.C. 2015

The bar and the people (15)

My first visit to The Pub and The People was impressive. When the bartender heard that I liked gin he told me to trust him and created a drink before my eyes that lit up (?!) before pushing it towards me. It was tasty. Every subsequent experience since then has been consistently excellent and I can confidently name it my new favorite bar of 2015. The drink list is extensive, although the craft cocktails are a must. A blend of thyme-infused Green Hat Gin (feel a trend here?), Sriracha, pineapple, honey and lime, All Thai'd Up is the sweet and sour double whammy I've been looking for in my drinks since graduating from watery beer in the cellars. Speaking of beer, the preliminary list is local and appropriate. The food also stands out, with a particularly memorable weekend brunch burger, which paired with a crisp beer was the perfect way to spend autumn evenings on the terrace of The Pub & The People.

– Elisabeth Traynor

5 new bars to try

The bar and the people (16)

As the name suggests, this cozy Bloomingdale bar was designed with neighborhood drinkers in mind. Beer comes cold from a can, a solid selection of whiskeys can be made, or you can combine the two: shot and beer combos are under $6. pork banh mi, steamed clams with DC beer, and a homemade veggie burger, among others.

— Anna Spiegel

The Hot List: 13 things to see, eat, drink and do in May 2015

The bar and the people (17)

This cozy neighborhood bar comes to Bloomingdale's with an eclectic menu of sandwiches, flatbreads and beer and spirits galore: Coors Banquet and Old Grand-Dad for $6. NW (Subway: NoMa).


— Tour guide clerk

The Pub & The People - Whisky e Banh Mi em Bloomingdale

The bar and the people (18)

Cheap beer cans. Beautiful whiskey bottles. Banh mi sandwiches. A Roget's Thesaurus. No, these aren't clues to a weird $25,000 pyramid puzzle. These are the things you'll find at The Pub & the People, the quintessential neighborhood restaurant opening tomorrow in Bloomingdale. The first thing you might notice: the cubicles behind the bar, where the whiskey bottles sit next to a row of books: true crime stories, Chuck Palahniuk novels, this thesaurus. You can borrow as you like. Or just flip through them with your whiskey. Or a combination of Coors and Old Grand Dad for five bucks. Or perusing the menu, where you'll find chicken liver pie, spaghetti with charred ramps, and mussels with bourbon bacon.

The bar and the people (19)

Women in Nutrition: Mary Ackley and the Art, Science, and Engineering of Urban Agriculture

The bar and the people (20)

Take note: she completed another spectacular transformation. He knows the pub and the people. We knew they were around, it's a Friday at 5pm. Vacant for at least 10 years, the space is now attracting attention.

The bar and the people (21)

—Prince of Petworth

Women in Nutrition: Mary Ackley and the Art, Science, and Engineering of Urban Agriculture

The bar and the people (22)

If you've ever visited our nation's capital, you know that the metropolitan area isn't known for its spacious courtyards and expansive green spaces. When Mary Ackley started running an urban farm in Washington, D.C. at the end of 2014 to found one, she had to be creative. Raised in Michigan, the Ackley family instilled a love of the outdoors and environmental preservation through activities such as hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing and camping. Between her degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Natural Resource Management, she volunteered for the Peace Corps in Fiji. Eventually, she embarked on a career as a foreign service officer, where she helped plant a small municipal garden in Sri Lanka.

— Davina van Buren

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