WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (2023)

We appreciate your decision to consider the easiest and most convenient messaging app to interact with your customers. increases thecustomer loyaltyCombine for your business with the WhatsApp Business API.

With a customer base of more than 2 billion people around the world, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. It's a smart business decision to use the app to attract customers and engage with them through their favorite channel.

We understand that there is a lot of information available on this topic and it can be difficult to proceed with the onboarding process. This article can solve all the issues that may bother you while using the WhatsApp Business API for your business. By the end of this article, you'll know exactly what the WhatsApp Business API is, how to get it for your business, and what happens after you set it up.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is an application programming interface that allows businesses to seamlessly receive and reply to unlimited WhatsApp messages. It was launched by Facebook in August 2018 to provide medium and large businesses with a custom solution to scale customer engagement through WhatsApp.

In 2017-18, small businesses in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia began to skip email altogether and instead began using their personal WhatsApp accounts as the primary method of communicating with customers. These companies were not WhatsApp first, they were just WhatsApp. At this point, Facebook decided to launch WhatsApp for Business.

Since its introduction, companies have accepted and usedbusiness whatsappto interact with your customers and why not. There are several good reasons why companies move to WhatsApp and abandon all other platforms.

Since the WhatsApp Business API is just an interface, you need a separate CRM to contact customers. This means using all the features provided withwhatsapp api, businesses should have a dashboard provided by commercial WhatsApp providers likeGelb.ai.

4 reasons to switch to WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is a platform where companies can serve their customers in a very comfortable way and communicate with them in a friendly way. Let's look at some of the reasons why companies should do this.Use WhatsApp for Business.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (1)

1. The simplicity and convenience of using WhatsApp has made it a popular messaging platform. On1.1 million messagesWith every second that it airs, we can only imagine how engagement through this platform has become a daily habit.

2. Compared to other communication platforms like email, WhatsApp messages have a much higher open rate. With WhatsApp, businesses can eliminate the competition and reach customers directly.

3. with themessaging automationcompanies can react much faster to customer inquiries. This, in turn, can lead to a higher conversion rate and an increase in customer satisfaction.

4. With WhatsApp, businesses can make conversations exciting and fun. The use of rich text with emojis, stickers, and multimedia makes it easy and engaging for customers to interact and stay connected.

Basically, WhatsApp is a platform where customers already exist. For businesses, it is the easiest way to drive customer engagement and provide customer support to customers. Guarantees fluid and fast interactions anda better customer experience.

Now that we know what WhatsApp Business API is and why businesses should use it, let's understand how to get it for your business.

Who can use the WhatsApp Business API?

Before delving into the WhatsApp API and application process, check whether or not your business can get approved by Facebook. there are certainTerms and Conditionsthat must be followed before requesting the API.

In addition to the terms and conditions, there are two factors that must be taken into account. The size of your company and the industry to which it belongs.

1. Company size

WhatsApp chatbot creationand integration is a long and complex process. Currently, medium and large companies are allowed by WhatsApp without any problem. For this reason, the WhatsApp Business API is also called "company whatsapp.

Small businesses are highly unlikely to obtain a license. You can use the free WhatsApp Business app and enjoy some features like instant messaging (non-interactive messages).

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2. Industry

WhatsApp has a stricttrade policyin terms of industries that can use the WhatsApp Business API. Independent software providers, real money industries such as gambling and betting, adult content and entertainment, weapons, alcohol and tobacco, dietary supplements and other medicinal drugs are prohibited from using the API.

All other industries such as e-commerce, travel and hospitality, real estate, education, and telecommunications. There are certain industry-specific benefits that the WhatsApp API can offer businesses.

However, we will discuss some general benefits of the WhatsApp API in later sections of this article.

How to get WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp has always provided a safe and friendly environment for communication. As businesses accumulate on the channel, you need to be selective in providing WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (2)

To get a WhatsApp Business API account, businesses need to follow the 3 main steps below.

1. Sign up for WhatsApp Business API

Businesses can fix this in two ways: by signing up directly with WhatsApp or through a commercial WhatsApp provider. We recommend the latter if you are a small business, as logging into WhatsApp directly would be too much work and technically demanding.

A business solutions provider likeGelb.aican make the process very easy and convenient where you just need to provide a few details and we will take care of the rest.

To start the process, you'll need a Facebook Business Manager ID with a verified number and display name.

If not, you can follow a few simple steps and create a Facebook Business Manager Page with your business name and contact number.

1. Sign up for Facebook Business Manager by logging into Facebook Business Manager and clicking Business Settings

2.Opt for a WhatsAppAccount in the Accounts section.

3. Enter your details such as name, time zone, currency you are operating with, payment method, PO box number, website URL, industry, use case, region address, country of office, Facebook Business Manager ID, and verification number.

4. Confirm your company details

5. You will see a confirmation code on your company number

6. Enter the verification code and you're done!

Once your mobile phone number is verified, you will need to verify the legal business name. To do this, you need to submit some documents.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (3)

Business address verification is also part of the WhatsApp Business API application. You can provide the Facebook team with all acceptable documents and verify your business address.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (4)

Once the deal is complete with all verifications, you can provide us with your Facebook Business Manager ID, verified phone number, and display name and get started.

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2. Provide basic information

To continue the journey with us, we need basic information about your business to set up your WhatsApp Business account. To fully utilize the platform, businesses need to provide all information accurately, as customers can see it when they visit their WhatsApp page.

  • company name
  • URL
  • Industry
  • Region(s) where you intend to provide the WhatsApp service
  • Country headquarters of the company
  • Intended use case
  • Volume forecasts (messages/day)
  • Time to market (when you intend to launch the service)

It is not necessary to provide all of this information at once, but before submitting the WhatsApp business page for business approval, this information must be completed.

Once the details are submitted to Facebook, it can take 2-3 weeks to complete the business approval process.

3. Activate the phone number of the WhatsApp Business account

You can use a new number or an existing phone number. When your business is verified and approved by Facebook, complete your WhatsApp profile by filling in information such as business display name as pernaming guidelines, category, description of the business and catalog of its products.

Alternatively, you can provide the details and our team can complete your company page.

Note: Before posting, you can change your phone number and verified business name.

Top 10 benefits of using WhatsApp Business API

Now that you know how to get a WhatsApp API for your business, let's take a look at the benefits you'll see once you start using one.WhatsApp-Chatbotfor your business.

1. Instant responses

The WhatsApp API allows companies to automate responses to their customers. While not artificially intelligent, responses can be interactive, leaving customers engaged and satisfied. Businesses can set up welcome, OOO, or out of office messages and delayed reply messages.

With features likeWhatsApp auto replymiwhatsapp notificationsBusinesses can effectively interact with their customers 24/7, even outside of business hours or on holidays. Dynamic reply buttons and interactive list messages make WhatsApp the easiest communication channel for customers.

2. Personalize experiences

WhatsApp uses variables to personalize messages. You can get the details of your aggregated contacts and place them in specific places in your messages.

For example, if you stored a customer's name in column 1, the message "Hello {{1}}" will get the customer's name. Similarly, other customer data from your existing data can also be used in WhatsApp messages.

Also, WhatsApp currently supports 10 languages ​​for interaction. With multilingual support, companies can reach their customers in their local language and build trust in their minds.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (5)

3. Answer the most frequently asked questions

Simple self-service inquiries can be easily automated by automating responses to all frequently asked questions. With WhatsApp, businesses can help their customers with instant answers to simple questions. However, in the case of complex requests, agents must intervene.

Since WhatsApp replies are only triggered when keywords are exactly matched, businesses can set up to 5 incoming messages to trigger a reply. For example, keywords like price, rate, fee, and cost can trigger the same reaction in terms of the price of your product.

4. Seamless agent transfer for complex requests

With the WhatsApp CRM provided to you by the business solution provider, you can add a team of account managers to handle requests coming from WhatsApp.

Account admins can easily take first place when it comes to complex answers. This can be accomplished by giving clients the ability to connect with their account manager or by automating the transfer in the case of a highly qualified lead or complex request.

5. Check queries

WhatsApp API can be integrated with your calendar. For all potential clients, you can automate appointment scheduling without phone calls or emails.

Even if your sales team isn't around at a certain time, you can send automated messages to your customers about the next available times. With the WhatsApp API, companies can save a lot of time for their employees and customers.

(Video) (New) Complete WhatsApp Cloud API Setup (Step by Step)

6. Send payment reminders

For the financial industry or any business with a subscription model, WhatsApp can effectively help reduce defections. Customers tend to forget their payments and you can use Messages to remind them of their fees.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (6)

The WhatsApp API allows you to send overdue payment notifications in the notification update model. With the introduction of WhatsApp payments, customers can even pay their fees through WhatsApp.

7. Collect documents

Before WhatsApp, documents were sent physically or by email. In this era of digital transformation, none of the clients want to complete their documentation in a traditional way.

WhatsApp can help you collect all the necessary documents and save them for later use. However, with biometric scans, the physical appearance of the customer becomes mandatory.

8. Offer after-sales support

Providing customer support is the main purpose of using the WhatsApp API. Once the order is placed, companies can immediately begin their support through the channel.

From sending shipping and delivery updates to solving complex customer queries, it can all be done on WhatsApp. Businesses just need to automate the chatbot with 100% accuracy and test it. If your WhatsApp chatbot is great, the customer satisfaction rate will automatically increase.

9. Transform Marketing

If you're having trouble with results-based marketing, the WhatsApp API is for you. With a 99% open rate, you can showcase your brand to thousands of customers who are actually viewing your site.Chatbot Marketing Efforts.

With proactive marketing and messaging, companies can capitalize on the increased attention and awareness. At this stage, the right message at the right time can do wonders for your business.

10. Powerful and safe conversations

With end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is the most secure platform for customer interactions. In fact, customers now also rely on WhatsApp for payments and banking support.

WhatsApp is GDPR compliant, which means companies cannot send messages themselves. Clients must first allow or start a conversation, and only then can they send messages.

Due to this limitation, organizations send high-impact messages without ambiguity. This makes full conversations extremely powerful and easy to use.

What to do after configuring the WhatsApp Business API?

We've covered almost everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Business API and how to set it up. Now that you have a WhatsApp API, let's take a look at the next steps you need to take on your end.

1. Green Badge Verification

A green tick next to your company's display name can instill a degree of confidence in your prospect's customer. However, it does not add any of the features or functions of the WhatsApp chatbot.

WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (7)

Not everyone is entitled to a green mark. Businesses that send 500 messages a day and have an international brand presence are more likely to receive it than small local businesses.

If you are one of these brands, Yellow.ai, as a WhatsApp API Partner, can help you with an instant green tick next to your display name.

2. Configure WhatsApp notifications

The only way to sendwhatsapp proactive messagesto customers through WhatsApp notifications. But even to send, the customer needs to sign up to receive notifications from your company.

Highly structured messages or personalized autoresponders are interactive messages that businesses can use effectively to interact with their customers and update them on their orders or inquiries.

To send a WhatsApp notification, you have to follow two simple steps:

(Video) WhatsApp Business API: What You HAVE to Know!

  • Create a contact list for WhatsApp notification. It can be an existing list or a new list.
  • Create a WhatsApp message template and get WhatsApp approval.
WhatsApp Business API: Everything you need to know (8)

There are certain rules that must be followed to get yourwhatsapp templateapproved and ready to use. The message must not contain any grammatical errors or silly errors.

The tone of the WhatsApp message must not be commercial or promote your products and services. There are 11 categories where you can create a WhatsApp message template and use it in your campaigns. These categories include informative and customer-friendly templates such as account updates, notification updates, autoresponders, and more.

WhatsApp Business API FAQ

Our goal is to provide businesses with a complete understanding of the WhatsApp API. We have received a list of frequently asked questions about the WhatsApp API from our potential customers and here are the answers.

1. What is a 24 hour message window?

Once a business receives a message, WhatsApp opens a 24-hour messaging window for customer-initiated conversations, allowing the business to interact with its customers for free. If a business does not respond to a message within 24 hours, the window will close.

Similarly, with business-initiated messaging, if businesses want to send another notification after 24 hours, they'll need to pay again.

2. Why Yellow.ai?

Gelb.aioffers a unique feature that allows the agent to reopen the chat window even after 24 hours at no additional cost if the agent sent the last message.

This feature can help businesses save a lot of money they spend after cold leads and unanswered messages.

3. Is there a free trial of Yellow.ai for the WhatsApp API?

Yellow.ai offers achatbots the whatsapp freefor 3 months for customers who purchase an annual plan. During these 3 months, companies only pay WhatsApp fees. Yellow.ai does not charge platform fees or hidden fees.

4. What are the WhatsApp API fees?

WhatsApp Business API fees vary from partner to partner based on the features and information they provide on their dashboard. To understand Yellow.ai's pricing structure, you can request a demo and our sales representatives will contact you.

5. Can I change my WhatsApp account number after using it?

With Facebook Business Manager, you can change your WhatsApp number and business display name at any time.

Also, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us for more information on WhatsApp API usability and accessibility.

Using the WhatsApp Business API

With the strongest and most engaged user base, WhatsApp is a channel that never fails to disappoint businesses.

Using the WhatsApp API for conversations has a higher ROI compared to other customer support and retention channels.

As easy as using WhatsApp, designing a conversation flow and creating a chatbot is easier with Yellow.aiNo Code Bot Builder. Even if you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the process, our executives will help you and create a great WhatsApp chatbot for your company.


The WhatsApp Business API is not as complicated as you might expect. It's a simple way to automate messages to give instant responses to your customers.

We hope all your questions have been answered in this article and now you have a better understanding of how to use WhatsApp business chatbots. We have covered all the details about WhatsApp API while structuring this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through any channel of your choice and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are considering Yellow.ai as your business solution provider for WhatsApp Business API, request a demo and our subject matter experts will contact you and understand your needs. They offer the best conversation automation suggestions and help you grow the customer experience.


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