WhatsApp Business API New Pricing Model Worldwide | graceful flow (2023)

WhatsAppachieved sales of 906 million US dollarsin 2022. Its worldwide popularity has successfully enticed companies to integrate its useful features for customer engagement, marketing and sales.

While the WhatsApp Business app is still free to download, everyone isWhatsApp Business-APIThe account is charged per call and the price varies by country.

Would you like to use WhatsApp for your company? It's not that complicated! we unitea complete guideto show you how. Check WhatsApp Business API pricing and billing process here.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API, also known asWhatsApp Business platform, is a tailor-made messaging solution for companies to effectively improve communication, marketing and sales.

Users are strongly encouraged to partner withOfficial WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs)who are, for example, messaging experts in the field of corporate business and customer communication,graceful flow, 360dialog and Twilio to connect with customers via WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp has a large number of users worldwide (2.26 billion users in June 2022!), companies can use itLinks make WhatsAppto facilitate customer contact; and aWhatsApp-Administratorto better cope with the increase in conversations!

Introducing the official WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has become an essential messaging tool in our daily lives, and if your business isn't using it, you might be missing out on some benefits that can take your brand to the next level.

In addition to WhatsApp, which we use for personal messaging, there are two types of accounts that WhatsApp has introduced for business, namely theWhatsApp Business-AppIt is inOfficial WhatsApp Business API, also known as WhatsApp Business Platform.

Let's see a simple comparison below.

WhatsAppWhatsApp Business-AppWhatsApp Business-API / WhatsApp Business-Plattform
Verified Company Profile (Green Sign)XX
Multi-agent accessXup to four connected devicesUnlimited
convey messagesXsuspension threatenedUnlimited
Management of multiple numbers in a single viewXX
Integration with other softwareXXCRM-Software, E-Commerce-Software
application procedurePurchase from the Apple App Store/Google Play StorePurchase from the Apple App Store/Google Play Storevia SleekFlow

Basically, the WhatsApp Business API allows your business to explore a range of useful features and generate more revenue through messages. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business app is good for small to medium sized businesses for limited use.

For more information on the WhatsApp Official Business API, seeHere.

The pricing model is based on WhatsApp conversations in 2023

After the WhatsApp announcement ofa new pricing modelin February 2022 the notification-to-conversation price updates were implemented againstart on June 1st, 2023.

The conversations that are billed according to the two divided categories, namely user-initiated and business-initiated conversations, are divided into sub-categories. In addition, the tariffs for these categories vary depending on the market.

User Initiated Chat/Service Chat

A user-initiated conversation, now called a service conversation, is a conversation that begins when messages are sent to reply to customers. This means that the customer is the one who first sent a message to your company. For this type of conversation, companies can send free-form messages instead of just template messages.

Note: Businesses should be aware that there is a customer service window where user-initiated calls (service calls) end 24 hours after the last message sent by their customers. After this 24-hour window, companies must start a new conversation with a template message (company-initiated conversations).

Each month, your WhatsApp Business API account is eligible to receivethe first 1000 free service calls!

Company-initiated conversation.

A business-initiated conversation begins when businesses communicate with customers by sending a message. Only template messages can be used for this type of conversation.

Business-initiated conversations fall into three categories:

1. Useful Conversations

A utility conversation is used by businesses to keep customers informed of a transaction or to facilitate post-sales operations, such as purchasing a product. B. Post-purchase notifications or recurring billing.

2. Authentication Conversations

An authentication conversation is used to send user notifications or unique passwords in the process of registering or logging in to an account.

3. Marketing Talks

A marketing pitch is used to deliver promotional messages, distribute discount codes, or greet customers with welcome messages. Any messages not counted as utility or authentication conversations, or messages with mixed marketing and utility content, are still identified as marketing conversations.

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Want to know how to get free initial calls and send messages without incurring any fees? let's go tothis departmentunder.

Prices for WhatsApp Business from June 2023:

MercadoCompany Initiated Utility Call Fee (USD)Company-Initiated Fee for Authentication Calls (USD)Company-Initiated Fee for Marketing Calls (USD)User-Initiated Fee for Service Calls (USD)
Hongkong$ 0,0472Will be published later0,0732 $0,0224 $
Singapore$ 0,0472Will be published later0,0732 $0,0224 $
Malaysia0,0200 $Will be published later$ 0,0860$ 0,0220
USA0,0150 $Will be published later0,0250 $0,0088 $
Great Britain0,0398 $Will be published later0,0705 $0,0388 $

Current WhatsApp Business prices:

MercadoTrade Initiation Fee (USD)User Initiated Fee (USD)
Hongkong0,0745 $0,0224 $
Singapore0,0745 $0,0224 $
Malaysia0,0732 $$ 0,0220
USA0,0088 $0,0147 $
Great Britain0,0647 $0,0388 $

WhatsApp price calculator*

Now you can calculate your courier costsSleekFlow WhatsApp Price Calculator*!

WhatsApp Business API New Pricing Model Worldwide | graceful flow (1)WhatsApp Business API New Pricing Model Worldwide | graceful flow (2)

You can also visitwebsite make facebookFor more informations.

Try our WhatsApp price calculator for your streaming costs!

Calculate now

*The WhatsApp pricing calculator is only for estimating costs based on the 2022 pricing structure. Stay tuned for the release of our updated tool!

Factors affecting WhatsApp Business API pricing

If you're already using the WhatsApp Business API, you need to understand how it all works. However, with the new pricing model, there are a few factors that may impact your monthly spend on the WhatsApp Business API.

1. Land/Region

The fee for each business or user initiated conversation depends on the country where your business is located. Please refer to the table above for pricing in your region.

2. Customer Service Window

As mentioned above, there is a customer service window in the conversation-based structure created by WhatsApp. When a customer sends you a message, the 24-hour period following the last message received from the customer is referred to as the customer service window.

Beyond this customer service window, companies must restart the company-initiated conversation with a template message.

So what are template messages? Read the next section on WhatsApp Business API message type to find out.

3. The entry point of the conversation

Start with placement to start free conversationsClick WhatsApp Adsand CTA buttons on your Facebook business page. As of March 1, 2023, as long as your customer clicks messages to your business via the CTA button on their WhatsApp or Facebook business page ads, the message window will be displayed for themFree calls will be extended from 24 hours to 72 hours.. That means you can send any free form message or even template message for business initiated conversations within those 3 days for free.

WhatsApp Business Official API Message Type

In accordance withFacebook, companies must follow certain formats when composing a notification mailing. Most importantly, the content must comply with your terms and policies. To understand this, we must first understand the two basic types of messages, template messages and session messages.

message template

Template messages are pre-approved message templates for business-initiated conversations. Outbound notifications such as delivery notifications and appointment reminders are included in conversations with public services and may not be used for marketing purposes.

You should use a WhatsApp template message if more than 24 hours have passed since the user last replied to you. All other types of messages sent outside the 24-hour window will not reach the user.

For example, if you want your customer to receive this message:

(Video) Whatsapp Business Account | Facebook Business Account | MessageBird Flow Builder Part -1

Hello Harry! Your order number: 20200120 has been shipped. Thank you very much!

You must submit the following template:

Hello 1}}! Your order number: {{2}} has been shipped. Thank you very much!

So the first variable is the customer name with the tag {{1}} and the second variable is the order number with the tag {{2}}.

When creating template messages for WhatsApp approval, you must send them according to the correct category (Utility/Authentication/Marketing). A recategorization message is displayed when the system detects an inaccuracy in the message type.

Session messages for service calls

Session messages, categorized as service calls, are any message sent in response to a user-initiated message and do not require prior approval.

A messaging session begins when a user sends you a message and lasts 24 hours from the last message received.

You can expect users to send you a message, and that would be a user-initiated or service conversation, or you can send a template message to invite the user to reply, resulting in a business-initiated conversation.

User-initiated conversations areWithout costsunless the company responds with informal messages or automated responses. In other words, if your business doesn't respond to customer requests, no service calls will be made and no charges will be incurred.

See how Nutrition Kitchen is building on success with the WhatsApp Business API.

Discover the Nutrition Kitchen success story

WhatsApp Business API pricing in Hong Kong

Hong Kong and China are classified as Rest of Asia Pacific in Meta's WhatsApp pricing table. As of February 2022, the cost per call is $0.0745 and $0.0224 for business-initiated and user-initiated calls respectively.

However, as of June 2023, business-initiated conversations will be separated into benefit, authentication, and marketing conversations. New fees apply.

Refer tothe table aboveat the updated price.

For user-initiated calls, now called service calls, the charges remain the same as before.

WhatsApp Business API Provider Pricing

WhatsApp Business API providergraceful flow360-DialogTwilio
Price (US Dollars)$15/Me$5-25/month (depending on message volume or available partner discounts)$0.005/message

*All prices above do not include chat fees required for meta.

The table above shows the price determined in each caseWhatsApp business solution providerwith their own service prices.

For Twilio, they charge $0.005 (HKD0.04) on top of the WhatsApp Business API conversation fees.

(Video) Trengo tips&tricks: WhatsApp for Business API Explained

how one360-Dialog, as it is a low-cost solution, it only requires a monthly license fee of 5-15 USD, which is around 39-117 HKD depending on the partner discount you can get based on the volume of your messages.

AndersTwilio, 360dialog has friendlier prices. However, 360dialog does not offer any additional functionality beyond the WhatsApp Business API.

find out howStart using the WhatsApp Business API via SleekFlow.

Understand the WhatsApp Business API billing process

Once your business starts implementing the WhatsApp Business API, it is extremely important that you learn how to view payments and understand your bill.

When creating a WhatsApp Business account, the system requires you to apply for a line of credit. Once the order is approved, a monthly invoice will be sent in the 'payment settings' in your WhatsApp Business Manager.

As mentioned above, the invoice including all expenses related to the WhatsApp Business Manager itself is emailed to the users on the first week of every month.

Payments can be made by bank transfer to the Facebook bank account specified on each invoice. To avoid late fees, fees must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

The billing process just got easier for SleekFlow customers! All you have to do is top up your WhatsApp balance through the SleekFlow platform and the WhatsApp charges will be automatically deducted based on your usage.

Unleash your WhatsApp business potential today!

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Summary of WhatsApp price updates for June 2023

WhatsApp Business API New Pricing Model Worldwide | graceful flow (3)WhatsApp Business API New Pricing Model Worldwide | graceful flow (4)

As mentioned above, WhatsApp has officially announcedthe price changesto use the WhatsApp Business Platform/WhatsApp Business API. They allow companies to slowly transition to the new pricing structure according to the following schedule:

From March 1, 2023

Changes to free-entry conversations: User-initiated messages about free-entry conversations have aFree call window extended from 24h to 72h.

Ab 1. April 2023

Four new conversation categories are introduced:

1. Company-Initiated Conversations

  • useful conversations

  • authentication talks

  • marketing talks

    (Video) Kaleyra WhatsApp Business API - Demo Series | 01 | Getting Started

2. User Initiated Conversations

  • service calls

When creating a message template, one of the four new conversation categories must be selected for approval.

From June 1, 2023

New price listsimplemented for supply and marketing calls. Authentication pricing will be released later, before June 1st.

Free Chat Changes: For each WABA account, the first 1000 chats of each month are freefor service/user initiated conversations only.

frequently asked questions

Get a new messaging strategy with SleekFlow. Let our professionals offer you a profitable approach to WhatsApp Business.

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