WhatsApp Business API Pricing | Interakt WhatsApp Pricing in India and Growth Plans (2023)

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Answers to all your questions about our 14-day free trial, plans, pricing, additional user fees, and more.

When can I start using Interakt?

As an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider, Interakt helps you increase your online sales and transform the customer experience at scale. If you want to increase your income by using WhatsApp as a sales channel, you can always start Interakt.

We also offer a 14-day free trial program, you can start using Interakt within minutes of signing up with us. You can also contact our support team and we'll take care of things for you at no extra cost.

look at thatVideofor information on how to start your free 14-day trial.

Our 14-day free trial program gives you access to the full stack of advanced Interakt features for FREE. You can use all the high-level features and even if your Facebook business verification is pending, you can explore your inbox features with limited messaging options.

Before completing theFacebook business verification process,WhatsApp authorizes the use of your number for messages in a limited way. Facebook allows businesses to get started right away with limited messaging options, allowing businesses to explore how WhatsApp Business APIs can increase customer communication and retention. Facebook is also using this time to ensure it's taking genuine deals to keep the WhatsApp community spam-free.

Take full advantage of Interakt's free trial to explore all the features we've built for your business.

During the free trial period, we will help you with your company's verification process, which usually takes 3 business days to 4 weeks. After verification, your unlimited messaging access will be automatically activated in Interakt.

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During the 14-day free trial period where you get FREE access to all the amazing features of Interakt, there may be certain limitations on messages pending verification from the Facebook company.

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These limitations can be

- You can receive an unlimited number of messages from your users, but you can only chat with 10 unique users per day during this period.

- You can send notifications to 2 unique users in one day. Notifications can be sent using WhatsApp templates pre-approved by Facebook.

Note:You must complete your Facebook business verification before your 14-day trial expires. With your trial account, you can send messages to a limited number of phone numbers before your business is verified. Once your company verification is complete, you will have access to more features in your account.

When creating a WhatsApp business account, you need to verify your Facebook business page. This may require documents such as a certificate of incorporation or a business license.

Before your company is verified, you can test the messaging feature by sending free test messages to a limited number of numbers in atesting experience.After submitting the official documents to verify your company, you will get access to aadvanced testing experiencewith additional messaging options.

Types of test messages
When sending test messages from your unverified WhatsApp business account, you can send the following types of messages:‍

Notifications:One-way messages, such as B. an appointment reminder or shipping confirmation. These messages are limited to WhatsApp defined templates only during the unconfirmed state to test the experience. Trial version: 2 separate phone numbers, 10 messages per day Extended trial version: 2 separate phone numbers, 10 messages per day

Customer service:A two-way conversation between you and a customer, e.g. B. Product inquiries.
Test experience:10 separate phone numbers, unlimited daily messages.
Extended testing experience:1500 conversations. A conversation is a 24-hour message window with a specific phone number.‍

Please note that this trial and the extended trial will expire in 14 days. Complete your business verification before your trial expires in 14 days.

Once your business is verified, you can send more messages.

Click here to learn more.

To get the most out of Interakt, start the Facebook Business verification process right away. Once your company is verified, the messaging restrictions will be lifted and you can use Interakt with full access. The best part is that you don't have to pay us until you use the free trial to start unlimited messaging.

You can start your verification process by submitting the information required for Facebook verification.

Once you've submitted all the required details, you'll need to wait for your verification to be approved, which usually takes between 3 business days and 4 weeks after Facebook ends.

Note:You must complete your Facebook business verification before your 14-day trial expires. With your trial account, you can send messages to a limited number of phone numbers before your business is verified. Once your company verification is complete, you will have access to more features in your account.

If you want to learn more about Facebook business verification, please visit ourdetailed instructions.

Interakt's pricing structure consists of two components:

1. Subscription Fees- depending on the plan you choose for your business. This will be invoiced by Interakt.

2. WhatsApp Conversation Fees- based on conversations between your company and the user. Interakt charges you for these two components: subscription fees and your WhatsApp chat account.

Total monthly billing from Interakt = subscription charges based on your plan + WhatsApp calling charges.

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No, all our fares are calculated in INR. If you wish to pay in a different currency, you can use the conversion rates to estimate the approximate cost of our subscriptions.

For reference, Rs 999/month would be $15/month.

* For Shopify merchants on Interakt, if Shopify manages your billing, you will be charged the above cost in Rupees in USD.

No, there is no one-time setup fee. We have a very simple and transparent pricing structure that is fully aligned with the growth of your business.

We offer you FREE access to our WhatsApp Business platform, with no setup costs or hidden fees. You don't even have to provide your credit card details when you sign up for the free trial.

We've been working hard to reduce the cost of an all-in-one solution for WhatsApp Business. Because we are an official WhatsApp Business service provider, you get all the benefits of our platform at a very affordable price.

Yes, WhatsApp as a messaging app or business app is free.

However, for businesses that want to start communicating with their customers and grow their sales at scale, the WhatsApp Business API platform is the best option. In order to use the WhatApp Business platform as a sales channel, WhatsApp call fees are charged.

If you send your customer a notification via the WhatsApp Business platform, you will be charged if your customer has not responded in the last 24 hours. The fees depend on the country code of your customers WhatsApp account. We will bill you for these fees in reais with no surcharge.

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* For Shopify merchants on Interakt, if Shopify manages your billing, you will be charged the above cost in Rupees in USD.

The automatic payment method was introduced to facilitate the billing process and debit the monthly payments from your account.

According to the Reserve Bank of India, all banks and card issuers must follow e-mandate guidelines to set up automatic payments for their customers. If the amount is less than INR 15,000, the payment can be automatically charged from the card; Otherwise, an OTP is required for amounts over INR 15,000.

Click here for more information on setting up automatic payments on your card

Interakt supports unlimited team member signups for every pricing plan we offer. You can add as many team members as you need for your business.

Businesses that have received Official Business Account (OBA) status on WhatsApp will see a green tick next to their business name. This is visible in your contact number's display name, even if your users don't explicitly save their WhatsApp business number.

Since Interakt is based on an official WhatsApp Business platform, we can request the green WhatsApp tick for you free of charge once you switch to a paid subscription with Interakt.

However, we cannot influence WhatsApp's decision to approve your green tick verification. His decision in this regard would be final. Several factors such as Factors such as brand credibility, your social media followers, external media listings, and domain ranking can influence green check approval.

To request a green check, simply contact our support team and submit a request. Approval usually takes about 3 business days. Once your green tag request is approved, your number will automatically appear to your users as your company name along with the green tag. This shows that your company has been verified.

If your green check request is denied, it will not affect your ability to use Interakt or the WhatsApp Business API.

Yes, you can use an existing WhatsApp number with Interakt. However, you must first remove the associated account before you can integrate Interakt.

If the number is used by another commercial API, you can still migrate it to Interakt after disabling the 2-factor authorization PIN (2FA) from your current BSP. Or you can simply provide a new phone number where you can receive an OTP; it can be a virtual number or a normal SIM number.

(Video) WhatsApp Automation in HINDI | WhatsApp Business API | Social Seller Academy

Once migrated to the WhatsApp Business API and linked to Interakt, the number can only be accessed in Interakt.

If it is a virtual number associated with Interakt, normal voice calls can be made as usual, but WhatsApp voice and video calls are not supported by the WhatsApp Business API.

When choosing a number for Interact, you can use any valid number that an OTP can receive via SMS or voice call. It can be a virtual number or a regular SIM number.

If you already have a WhatsApp API account with a provider, you can now migrate it to Interakt.

For more information on how to connect your number to Interakt, go to:https://www.interakt.shop/resource-center/conectando-su-número-con-interakt

WhatsApp subscription and chat fees are non-refundable.

By choosing to pay for a subscription, you acknowledge that the electronic mandate will be activated on your card and you will automatically be billed for subscription fees and WhatsApp calls incurred up to the last day of your subscription.

Interakt does not offer refunds if you do not use the Platform or have stopped using the Platform for any reason but have not canceled your subscription. Fees will be charged to your card until your subscription is cancelled.Click here to request cancellation of your subscription.

Below is a list of conversion rates by country.

Argentina$4,47$2,68$4,36$ 2,61$4,24$2,54
Brazil$4,25$ 2,55$4,14$2,48$4,03$ 2,42
Chile$ 6,43$ 3,86$ 6,27$ 3,76$ 6,10$3,66
Egypt$ 9,12$ 5,47$ 8,89$ 5,33$ 8,65$ 5,19
France$12,18$ 7,31$11,86$ 7,12$11,55$ 6,93
Deutschland$11,61$ 6,97$11,31$ 6,78$11,01$ 6,60
Indonesia$2,69$1,61$ 2,62$1,57$ 2,55$1,53
Israel$ 2,55$1,53$2,48$1,49$ 2,42$1,45
Italy$ 5,46$3,28$ 5,32$ 3,19$ 5,18$3,11
Malaysia$ 6,22$1,87$ 6,06$1,82$ 5,90$1,77
Mexico$ 2,97$0,89$2,89$0,87$2,81$0,84
Netherlands$12,63$ 7,58$12,30$ 7,38$11,98$ 7,19
Nigeria$4,39$2,63$4,28$2,57$4,16$ 2,50
Pakistan$4,02$1,21$ 3,92$1,18$ 3,82$1,14
Peru$ 5,09$1,53$4,95$1,49$4,82$1,45
Russia$ 5,64$3,38$ 5,49$3,29$ 5,34$3,21
Saudi Arabian$ 2,76$1,66$2,69$1,61$ 2,62$1,57
South Africa$2,38$1,43$ 2,32$1,39$ 2,26$1,36
Spain$ 5,23$3,14$ 5,09$ 3,05$4,95$ 2,97
United Arab Emirates$2,69$1,61$ 2,62$1,57$ 2,55$1,53
Great Britain$ 5,50$3,30$ 5,36$3,21$ 5,22$3,13
North America$1,25$0,75$1,22$0,73$1,18$0,71
rest of africa$ 10,27$ 3,08$ 10,01$ 3,00$ 9,74$ 2,92
Rest of Asia Pacific$ 6,34$1,90$ 6,17$1,85$ 6,01$1,80
Rest of Central and Eastern Europe$ 7,10$ 2,13$ 6,91$ 2,07$ 6,73$ 2,02
Rest of Latin America$ 6,00$3,60$ 5,84$3,51$ 5,69$ 3,41
rest of the Middle East$ 6,18$1,85$ 6,02$1,81$ 5,86$1,76
Rest of Western Europe$11,25$3,38$ 10,96$3,29$ 10,67$3,20
Others$4,10$1,23$ 4,00$1,20$3,89$1,17

*BIC= company-initiated conversation
*UIC= user-initiated conversation


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